Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday, February 20 - Asian Bistro

First off, being the idiot I am, I signed up for a 10 mile race in two months. I am not in this kind of shape, for those of you that know. This is going to be ugly.

So by about noon thirty today I have a raging headache from working on the report from hell, which I hoped to have done by noon. Actual time sent in for review? 5:00. Not making friends with my reviewer with this one. But trust me, it was a pain. So I decide to take a walk to the old neighborhood, and hit the Asian Bistro at 19th and L.

I usually like this place. The wait can be a few minutes, and it can be hit or miss. But usually I'm pretty sure that the food is reasonably healthy - not the spring rolls of course, but lean chicken, rice, and salad - you can do worse. The daily specials rotate, and I'll admit I've had some bad ones. But part of me likes it for take out, because its not jsut normal chickenese. So today's special, at least for me, is the Spicy Peanut Tofu. I consider myself a bit of a tofu fan, and always enjoy trying different ways. Note: I make a mean peanut butter tofu myself.

So I trek it back to the office. Note #2: not in a good mood today, due to report from hell. And this is what I got:
That is a giant pile of tofu in peanut butter and hot sauce, in case you're wondering. Final tally, after tax - $8.25. Most things here run about a buck more than that, but not terrible. And its good pork fried rice (quothe my coworker one day after bringing it back to my office: "What smells so good? Its YOU. I WILL EAT YOUR FOOD." Caps were necessary. She was hungry.) All in all, it wasn't bad. I'm sure that sauteed tofu and a giant pile of peanut better (there were other vegetables in it, btw) isn't the healthiest, but I don't care today. I've downed about 24 oz of coffee, 24 oz of diet coke, and am just trying to keep going through the report from hell. I'll give lunch a 5 today - not inspiring, not demoralizing. At least its not a damn sandwich from Breadline. That place sucks.

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