Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, February 25th - Burro

So I missed a day. Blah. Friday I grabbed lunch with FI4 - went to Nooshi, had a good lunch. A Nooshi review will be posted soon.

Today, though, I needed nourishment. Backstory: Saturday night was our office party that had been postponed for awhile. Well, it finally happened. And I found it necessary to drink about 20 glasses of scotch, and attend while wearing a women's silk scarf as formal neckwear. Don't ask. And after 20 glasses of scotch, a couple of us headed out to another bar, where tequila shots were necessary. Amazingly, I was part of the calm group. Anyways, this led to a Sunday where I did a heady combination of bed and couch time, trying to recover. Finally headed over to a local bar/grill at about 5:30 to grab a cheeseburger and a beer, in hopes that a beer would help. Not sure it did. So today, I'm still kind of hungover and hungry now. And needed something substantial. So I grab YF, and head over to 2000 Penn (by the GW campus) and hit up Burro, at the suggestion of my friend M^2.

Ambiance = 2. If that. This place is tiny and ugly. However, it is quick, and has a beautifully simple menu. That says something. So I get a grande chicken burrito (sans sour cream) and a small drink. Tally - $8.03. Acceptable.

I'm usually a pretty big fan of burritos as hangover food. Something about the giant tortilla, beans, and cheese makes a hungry stomach happy. This guy, one thing good about it is the chicken. They have some pulled, seasoned chicken thats all tender and yummy and in large chunks (not Chipotle style). YF and I were able to enjoy our meals pretty easily, although, as I said, there's not really any seating. But it looks out on some courtyard that I am looking forward to as the weather gets warmer.

Which brings me to the point of going west like this: co-eds. YF and I stop by this Italian deli that's right there to check out the menu, and an absolutely amazing one is in line. I mean, yeah, its cliche that "I keep getting older, and they stay the same age", but dang grandpa. Dang. I mean, this was special.

Oh, and another point. Apparently I'm not the only one commenting on expensive sandwiches.
Check it out here.

Yup, I have a kindred spirit out there. This makes me smile.

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