Friday, February 8, 2008

First Blog

I am a huge fan of lunchtime here in DC. Or at least I used to be. I work downtown, and recently we moved offices from 18th and L to 17th and Pennsylvania. It might not seem like a big move, but the effect on my lunch has dramatically impacted my quality of life. I used to look forward to lunch every day, because I had so many wonderful choices within a short walk of my office. See the following map of my favorites:

  1. Mackeys
  2. Asian Bistro
  3. Nooshi
  4. Greek Deli
  5. Luigi's
  6. Crepeway
  7. Couscous Cafe
  8. Chipotle
  9. Panang
  10. CF Folks
  11. Naan and Beyond
  12. Colombia
That is 12 delicious choices within 1/4 mile of the old office. Twelve delicious options where I could effectively not be stuck with either a salad or a sandwich. Asian. Greek. Italian. Indian American. French. Everything. All right there. So obviously, lunch was exciting for me every day. And I'm not even counting the chains - Potbelly, Au Bon Pain, Subway, etc. (I'm counting Chipotle because I like it, dammit.)

Then, we moved.

Here is the new map:

  1. Breadline - sucks
  2. BS Chain
  3. BS Chain
  4. BS Chain
  5. Brown Bag
  6. Corner Bakery
  7. Swings Coffee
  8. The Exchange
  9. Penn Grill
So there you have it. Pretty much everything there is a salad and sandwich place. Any my main complaint, of course: the first time I went into Breadline, I purchased the soup and sandwich combination. And it cost me $11.13. I didn't even get a beverage with this. And it wasn't that good. Sure, it was better than Cosi or ABP, but still. $11.13. For that price, I want real food, and not an overpriced, underdelivered sandwich and soup.

What frustrates me is that I'm sure there are quality places in the neighborhood to eat. I just haven't found them yet. But I'm losing hope. But I will not cease my explorations.


roger said...

Hungry Man. I couldn't agree with you more. It is quite clear that Breadlines PR Campaign has involved healthy monetary stipends to those who rate it highly in the area. It fails in all the key areas - economy, ease, substance, and quite frankly taste. This is not to say that some of its food isn't that bad - but it certainly isn't very good. For average tasting food I rather get a Potbellys sandwhich(insert disgust) for half the price..

Bioty said...

"Hungry man in a hungry world," ... yes, dear blogger, that is you. But wait, this blog is about FOOD ... right, right.