Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday, February 8th - Wasabi

Its Friday, and I was hankering for sushi. But today was an eat at the desk day, since I was in hurry up and wait mode with a couple of clients. So I tried a new place - Wasabi ( to grab some take out. Approximately 355 yards from the office.

I grabbed the large Maki Box to get out. Price (including tax) $13.20. Yes, I know that this started because of complaining about the price of Breadline. But sushi is always going to be on the higher side, I know this. Seemed to be a lot of GW kids or something in there, because somehow I'm pretty sure I was the oldest patron in the joint.

So I gets back to the office.

First, I am not going to complain about the quantity of food. That's a big effing box of stuff. The box actually did end up defeating me, and I made the mistake of throwing it away in my trash can in my office. Mother of god I hope the cleaning people take care of the trash quickly tonight, because this could get rank in a few more hours. Quality, well, there could have been something to be desired. I know, you can't expect much for take out pre-prepared sushi, but I still prefer Nooshi for that sort of thing. Plus, there appeared to be some jacked up looking avacados in one of my rolls. Wasn't terrible, but definitely not my favorite sushi place, and I'll probably stick to other outings. I give the place high points for speed, though - didn't take too long for me to get there, get in, and get out.

Verdict: still not happy with food in the new neighborhood. But this didn't kill me. I just don't think I'll go back. Unless they have good salads or something.

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