Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday, February 12th - Some Greek Place in International Square

Today just kind of sucked. I skipped breakfast this morning, and I'm out of powerbars in my desk, so I was dying for some food. But my stomach kind of hurt, too. So I didn't really wait for anybody, and went and grabbed lunch by myself at around 11:40 or so.

I received an anonymous tip that the Greek place in International Square was pretty legit. (Note: anonymous source was also pretty cute, also. Once again proving what every man has yet to figure out: just because an attractive woman tells you something, don't necessarily act on it. "Of course I should buy those test tube shots!" "Why yes, this suit does look good on me - I'll take it!" "Sure I'll go to that bar with your friends!" "That's funny - I also love photography! Let me buy tickets for that exhibit!" etc. I'm 28 years old. I should know better by now.) So I mosey myself up to International Square, and in doing so, effectively sidestep lunch invitations from YF and The Ex. So I guess I broke even there.

For those of you who don't know it, International Square is a massive office located at the Farragut West metro stop. And in the basement they have this giant food court, with several offerings - Greek, Cajun, Chickenese, Five Guys, etc. Its a pretty huge complex, all in all.

So I go up to the Greek Deli, and look over the selections, and, honestly, nothing really looked appetizing to me. So I panicked and orderd the Gyro platter. While waiting, though, I spotted some meatballs that looked like they might be alright. Damn. But eventually, my gyro platter arrives. Total tally, $8.25, incl. tax. Acceptable.

For those of you scoring at home, that's a pretty big gyro. And it came unassembled. I'm trying to figure that out. A good thing about being unassembled - that meant that none of the sauce was on there already, which is a good thing. I don't normally care for a lot of that crap, and it eventually just spills everywhere anyways. So I assemble the thing. Not bad, not great. But I'm not sure about my review today, since my stomach just wasn't working right, really. I will say this - there was enough meat for two gyros - that's a good thing. The potatoes and salad were just kind of eh. But, I did leave enough for a second snack this afternoon.

Overall - I want to try the meatballs. I screwed up on that part. Though I love a good gyro. The best are drunk gyros. I had a friend who loved the drunk gyro. The only point of drinking all night was to be able to sit on the curb at 3:00 am and savor the gyro. It was awesome. But I'll try this place again, I guess. Acceptable price and quantity of food, good speed, average quality and service.

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